The key to simplicity or financial freedom ... the choice is yours.
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We invite you to browse our impressive and unique line of tiny houses! Each tiny home is designed and manufactured for your every whim. These homes are a great source of added income (rental suite) for your property or are the perfect solution for an outside office. Should you wish to attain to a more sustainable lifestyle, tiny homes are an ideal way to live a more simplified and environmentally friendly existence.

All of our tiny houses for sale are on wheels, so you can take them anywhere! Camping? Don't mind if we do....!!


Tiny Living Homes

Our tiny houses are built to the same specification as that of a traditional home and offer the same cozy, "homey" feel with regular appliances.

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Did You Know?

Tiny homes, securing financial freedom

It's a fact that there are over 95,000 one bedroom homes in BC and that the average worker in Vancouver spends 33.7% of their hard earned annual salary on rent each year.

The average rent on a one bedroom apartment in downtown vancouver is $1425 (according to and that the average income is just $50,699 per annum.

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Need Financing?

If you're in Canada, financing your tiny home is a simple process and you can get started right away by applying online today!

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