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Poco Edition - Specs

All of our tiny houses come standard with a huge range of features, including: View the gallery

Fully Fitted Kitchen
  • Soft closing doors and drawers
  • 24” countertops
  • 36x36 lazy susan
  • Stainless steel sink and faucet
  • Cooktop unit designed to fit electric or propane cooktop
  • Cutlery divider drawers
  • 6x over counter 110v power outlets
  • 2x tracked spot lights overhead
  • Space for 4.3 cu.ft fridge/freezer
  • Durable countertops
  • 4”x4” exposed cedar roof beams
  • Full sized 30x30 shower unit
  • High quality shower faucet
  • Electric bathroom ventilation fan
  • Wall hung sink and faucet
  • Opening sash window
  • Frosted glass on window for privacy
  • 110v power shaver outlet
  • Option of traditional water toilet or decomposing toilet
  • 28 inch door on entry to bathroom giving easy access
  • Attractive bathroom lighting
  • Pine T+G wall panelling
  • 4”x4” exposed cedar ceiling beams
Living Area
  • 10 ft high ceilings
  • Pine T+G wall panelling
  • Fold down wall hung table
  • Electric recessed wall fan heater with option of propane heating
  • 8 x 110v power outlets
  • Attractive tracked lighting
  • Open out high quality french doors
  • Option of futon type seating allowing for extra sleeping area
  • Durable linoleum flooring with wood effect throughout
  • Opening sash windows
  • 28”x30” closet area
  • 28” open out door
  • Sensor lighting
  • Option of shelving unit for clothing storage
  • Fully plumbed and wired for option of 110v washer drier
  • Plumbing vent access panel
Loft Sleeping Area
  • 9 ft L x 7 ft 4” W sleeping area
  • 3 ft 4 “ high ceiling at centre
  • Attractive roof lighting
  • Opening 24” x 24” window
  • 110v power outlet
  • Light switches controlling upper and lower floors
  • Option of side storage units
  • Removable ladder for easy access
  • Smoke detector
Loft Storage Area
  • 7ft 4” x 2ft storage area over french doors
  • Opening 24” x 24” window
  • Removable ladder for easy acess
  • Supported by 4”x4” attractive cedar beams
  • 2 x Attractive lantern type exterior lights at both sides of french doors
  • 110v power outlet located in waterproof casing
  • Bevelled cedar siding
  • Stained with oil based wood stain. Exterior paint is an optional extra.
  • Wall mounted water heater storage unit
  • RV type supply water hook up
  • RV type grey water hook up
  • Option RV type of toilet waste hook up
  • 110v 30A RV type power hook up with option of 240v hookup
  • Option of fold down exterior deck
  • Asphalt shingles with option of metal roofing
Our Trailers
  • All have gvw of 10,000/12,000lb
  • Fully functioning electric brake system
  • 4x corner stabiliser jacks
  • electric brake away system
  • Heavy duty metal frame giving the homes a solid foundation

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Poco Edition Base Price:
20ft $50,500 CAD
22ft $52,500 CAD
24ft $55,100 CAD
Metal Frame Construction
  • We now offer Metal Frame tiny homes! Building your tiny home on a metal frame brings down the weight of the framing by 30%. This helps to give you more options in terms of what you would like to include in your tiny home without having to worry about your tiny home being too heavy! Steel framing also lasts longer, is light and easy to transport and creates minimal raw material waste. At the end of its long life, steel can also be fully recycled.

20ft build $9,450 CAD
22ft build $9,800 CAD
24ft build $10,250 CAD
*Prices are in addition to the base price model
View the Metal Frame gallery
On The Road
  • Our tiny homes are within the legal size limits for transporting them on the road.
  • They are within the 8’6” width and 13’6” height limit, allowing them to be easily towed without a permit needed.
Delivery Service

At Tiny Living we also offer a delivery service, for those who may not have a suitable vehicle to tow our homes.